TOMI Rio NOW: 2018 brought Rio and TOMI even closer

2018 brought Rio and TOMI even closer!




TOMI expansion in 2018: new locations in Rio de Janeiro 

In 2018, TOMI continued to arrive in new locations! TOMI kept on strengthening its relationship to the city, arriving at new neighbourhoods. The highlight went to one of the most famous places in Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema!







The biggest New Year’s Eve in the world was also in the spotlight! The interactions increased and over 18 thousand photos were sent with our customised New Year’s frame! !


 #Carnival  One of the highlights of the year was the Carnival. TOMI registered a significant increase in the interactions and over 10 thousand photos were sent with our special Carnival frame!


 #Winning Case Study  In 2018, TOMI’s Rio de Janeiro network was the case study that granted TOMI two smart cities awards: Smart 50 Awards (Kansas City, USA) and InnovaCity (São Paulo, Brazil)!




 TOMI received seven worldwide recognitions!  

01. Smart Cities UK Awards – London, UK
02. Innovation Challenge – Kansas City, USA
03. Smart 50 Awards – Kansas City, USA
04. InnovaCity – São Paulo, Brazil
Anim’Arte award – Viseu, Portugal
06. E-Gov Smart Cities Award – London, UK
07. Norway’s Future City Expo – Oslo, Norway





TOMI updates

  • TOMI’s Search module received a visual boost with the implementation of new icons in different categories.
  • TOMI says hello: TOMI is more innovative and teaches expressions in the local language to foreign visitors.



Two years in Rio de Janeiro!

In May 2018, TOMI celebrated two years in Rio de Janeiro. Since its opening until the end of 2018, TOMI registered over 223 million views, 16 million interactions and over one million photos shared!  



Empowering engagement with our users

TOMI created several engaging campaigns and interactive experiences to enable engagement with our users on important dates such as Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the World Cup and so much more!



The most engaging means of communication

Several brands chose TOMI to talk with their audiences in an interactive and engaging way.




A great year for TOMI Rio   #report  
2018 was a great year for TOMI in Rio de Janeiro, proving that the city’s best friend continues to strengthen its relation with with the city!