TOMI Rio NOW: This Autumn Rio celebrated one year of TOMI!



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This Autumn Rio celebrated one year of TOMI!

One year flew by and TOMI became part of Carioca’s daily life. From May 2016 to May 2017, TOMI registered more than 56 million views, 7 million interactions, and 576 thousand photos sent. TOMI is a real hit in Rio de Janeiro!

 TOMI wins worldwide award in Design 

On April we got great news: TOMI design has been granted the famous Golden A’ Design Award in Interface and Interaction Design Category, being chosen as the winner by the respected judging committee.  On June 9th, TOMI went to the gala-night in Italy to receive the prize.


We installed an equipment at Bossa Nova Mall, near the boarding area of Santos Dumont Airport. When you’re passing by there, check out everything the Center of Rio has to offer!

 #New Feature: Smart Keyboard
TOMI’s Keyboard is Faster, Simpler, Smarter. Try now!
Autocomplete and predefined messages – Remember those days when you had to type a whole sentence? Neither do we!
 Suggestive – Every module (News, Agenda, Directory and Photo) has suggested words when you type.
Shortcuts – You now have shortcuts to all the most visited categories, so you don’t waste any time discovering all the best places in the city!

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In may, cariocas read more news with TOMI! Health and the environment were on the top of the searched items.

Tourists are enjoying Rio de Janeiro!
During Autumn, the reports have shown an increase in English and Spanish queries on TOMI. Tourists are enjoying Rio de Janeiro with the help of City’s Best Friend.

#TOMI celebrates commemorative days with customised frames
TOMI is always engaging with their users, promoting exciting experiences during commemorative days. On Autumn, we celebrated a lot of specials days with customised frames: April Fools’ Day, World Health Day, Kiss Day, Easter, among others.
Our users got creative and interacted with our frames to celebrate their favourite days!


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