TOMI Porto and the North: TOMI is a patented innovation



TOMI is a patented innovation!

In 2011, TOMI WORLD applied for patent registration, ensuring priority right in 152 countries. In Portugal, TOMI was now granted its patent, confirming its exclusivity to explore this invention. This great achievement confirms that TOMI is a completely distinctive and unique innovation!

TOMI’s expansion continues! Our new location is in Cinfães, in the north of Portugal, on the left bank of the Douro River. Explore its rich historical and cultural heritage with TOMI’s help.

April Report 

TOMI helped to enjoy the extended weekend on Porto and the North region. During these commemorative time, our users searched for activities to do and places to eat in the Search module.

Easter time registers more interactions!  
 A Páscoa e o turismo religioso têm um especial impacto nos números turísticos da região. Durante o fim de semana prolongado da Páscoa, o TOMI registou um pico nas interações, e um elevado número de pesquisas feitas numa língua estrangeira.