TOMI Porto and the North Now: TOMI receives recognition in Porto!



TOMI receives recognition in Porto!

Innovation recognition
 Porto Business School   
TOMI received recognition in the Innovation area, granted by the jury Porto Business School, SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, APQ – Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade and Quality For Excellence! Working towards innovation is one of TOMI’s main goals, making the device more unique and bringing more value to the cities. The latest innovations made into TOMI – TOMI Public Services and TOMI For All – received an honorable mention in the Start & Go award.

 Over 700 new events published   
In May, TOMI’s network had over 700 in Porto and the North region! Most of the events published were in the area of Culture, Outdoors and Music.

May Report 

TOMI continues to have as its main objective, through its innovative technology, to bring cities closer to the people who live, work or travel in them. 

Helping tourists to explore  
 #English    #Spanish   
In May, more than half of the interactions were made in a foreign language reaching 67%.