TOMI Porto and the North NOW: TOMI celebrated the Carnaval in the region



TOMI celebrated the Carnaval in the region with over 500 events published!

Hundreds of revelers, kids, and adults celebrated Carnival in the various cities of the Porto and North regions. As the tradition dictates, TOMI was part of the party and announced the local events of this commemorative date, so that everyone had their agenda filled in these days of revelry. 



Updated daily: In February, TOMI published over 500 events! 
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Discovering the
region with

Northern Portugal is a region with several charms
and cultural hubs that are worth discovering. TOMI
helps to explore the region, showing the key places
of interest. In this shorter month, more than half of
the interactions were made in a foreign language! 

TOMI promotes Enotourism in the region  #Wine tourism 

The Porto and Northern Portugal are open to all those who want to discover and explore Enotourism, where wines and tourism meet. TOMI shows dozens of Enotourism points in the Search module, find them in your next trip to this beautiful region.