TOMI Lisbon NOW: TOMI is recognized in the innovation area!



TOMI is recognized in the innovation area!

Innovation recognition
TOMI received recognition in the Innovation area, granted by the jury Porto Business School, SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, APQ – Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade, and Quality For Excellence!
Working towards innovation is one of TOMI’s main goals, making the device more unique and bringing more value to the cities. The latest innovations made into TOMI – TOMI Public Services and TOMI For All – received an honorable mention in the Start & Go award.

May Report
Lisbon had great weather in may and the high temperatures attracted tourists from all over the world who enjoy the good weather to visit the capital. Over half of the queries were made in English.

Innovative Media 
 Smart DOOH  

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience in Lisboa and interact in a creative way.

Special frames
 Mother’s Day   
TOMI always creates special frames for commemorative days, to enhance community engagement. In May, TOMI celebrated Mother’s Day with a customised frame!

TOMI United 
 Social Best Friend 

TOMI supports social causes and takes action to promote these initiatives, with the goal of helping to develop a more cohesive, egalitarian and sustainable city. See some of our social campaigns.

Lisbon is the 10th city with the best quality of life in the world   
The Portuguese capital is rising in several rankings, and Lisbon has just entered the top 10 cities with the best quality of life in the world according to the British magazine Monocle.
TOMI continues to play an important role in the promotion of better quality of life of its residents and the experience of those who visit the city.