TOMI Lisbon NOW: TOMI innovates in Lisbon!


TOMI innovates in Lisbon!

 Júlia Pinheiro   
Júlia chooses TOMI to communicate with her public: “Há cada vez mais TOMIs em Lisboa! Ao meu lado, o Pedro Marques, da TOMI, explica-nos que o TOMI é uma boa companhia na cidade: o TOMI ajuda a encontrar restaurantes, tem sugestões de eventos culturais, tem lojas, tem a possibilidade de tirar selfies e até tem um vídeo do site Júlia ( a passar.” – Júlia Pinheiro

 Creative brand activations with contests   

Júlia joined TOMI to offer tickets for her play in Portugal. You just need to take a selfie with this frame on TOMI and share it with the hashtag #diadamaejulia.


In 2011, TOMI WORLD applied for patent registration, ensuring priority right in 152 countries. In Portugal, TOMI was now granted its patent, confirming its exclusivity to explore this invention. This great achievement confirms that TOMI is a completely distinctive and unique innovation!

April’s Report
During the extended weekend of Easter, people got out and enjoyed the city.
TOMI registered an high number of interactions during these commemorative days!

Media inovadora 
 Smart DOOH  

TOMI é a melhor maneira de comunicar e alcançar o público em Lisboa e interagir de forma criativa.

Special frames
 Easter     Kiss Day  
TOMI always creates special frames for commemorative days, to enhance community engagement. In April, TOMI created animated frames to celebrate Easter and Kiss Day in our networks.

TOMI United 
 Social Best Friend 

TOMI supports social causes and takes action to promote these initiatives, with the goal of helping to develop a more cohesive, egalitarian and sustainable city. See some of our social campaigns.

Tourism in Lisbon continues to grow and the city adds awards and nominations in the area, becoming a great destination. As temperatures rise, visitors begin to grow and TOMI also registers more interactions in English.
TOMI continues to play a fundamental role in the promotion of smart tourism, by providing information about all that tourists need: sights, public transport, places to eat or sleep, among others.