TOMI Lisbon NOW: Celebrating the holiday season in Lisbon!




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Celebrating the holiday season in Lisbon!

 #A magical time in the capital 
Lisbon sparkles at Christmas with thousands of lights, a huge Christmas tree in Praça do Comércio, the scent of chestnuts in the air and many holiday events. TOMI helps the residents and visitors to enjoy the Christmas time in Lisbon.


 #Merry Christmas everyone! 

Christmas is the most magical time of the year when family gets together and create happy memories.
TOMI wishes you a Merry Christmas!

 #Advent Calendar: to celebrate every day until Christmas with TOMI 

To count the days until Christmas, TOMI created a special advent calendar with several photo frames: from the 1st to the 25th of December there is a different frame to collect every day.

 # TOMI is a friend of social causes 
Christmas is a time for giving and TOMI helped to spread the word about social initiatives such as “Missão Sorriso” from McDonalds, “Banco Alimentar” and Make a Wish.

 # Last-Minute present? 
Maybe you forgot to buy a present, maybe your Christmas budget is already gone, or maybe you’re trying to be less materialistic focusing on what really matters during Christmas. Whatever is the situation, TOMI has the perfect last-minute gift: send a photo with a special frame to your friends or family.

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate on Christmas 
The holiday season is the perfect time to engage with the audience and during this time, TOMI promoted various brands, events and products.

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TOMI welcomed many visitors that
wanted to meet the cosmopolitan and charming city of Lisbon.

#Commemorative frames for Christmas

 # Already thinking about New Year in Lisbon?  
Christmas is great but New Year is too! There is plenty happening in the Lisbon, and at midnight Lisbon’s skies blaze with beautiful fireworks from several points in the city.  If you’re already planning ahead, TOMI can help you to find the best parties and events on the special night of New Year’s Eve.


* In order to preserve the privacy of TOMI users, the photos taken in our equipment are not saved. The photos in this newsletter were shared by our users on social media.