TOMI Lisbon NOW: Carnaval in Lisbon



Carnaval in Lisbon




The Carnaval’s revelry was present all over Lisbon! TOMI helped to have fun during these special days: you could find the best events happening in the capital, and take a photo with Carnaval’s customised animated frames!




Animated frames for fun days!  
TOMI had various animated frames with carnival inspiration to make these the best days!




International Women’s Day  

International Women’s Day was celebrated in TOMI Lisbon.
TOMI wished every woman a special day with dynamic videos remembering how amazing they are! They also had the opportunity to take a selfie with a customised animated frame.





Lisbon recognised in the smart city area!
One year after TOMI winning the same award, the capital was also recognised with the Smart 50 Awards by Smart Cities Connect! We are all working towards making Lisbon a smarter city.



Exploring with TOMI!   #February2019  
The Search module continued to be on the spotlight in February. TOMI was the choice to explore the city. This smaller month had almost 50% of the interactions made in English. 


Communicating with TOMI

TOMI is the best choice to communicate with a broad audience in Lisbon!