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TOMI empowering Lisbon? Always.

 TOMI wins worldwide award in Design

On April we got great news: TOMI design has been granted the famous Golden A’ Design Award in Interface and Interaction Design Category, being chosen as the winner by the respected judging committe. On June 9th, TOMI went to the gala-night in Italy to receive the prize.

Delighting our users? Always.
Together with MOP and “Música no Coração”, TOMI offered 20 tickets to the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” concert.
Every week we gave five tickets to the most creative fans who took a photo or GIF with a frame allusive to the magic world of Harry Potter.
 #New Feature: Smart Keyboard 
TOMI’s Keyboard is Faster, Simpler, Smarter. Try now!
Autocomplete and predefined messages – Remember those days when you had to type a whole sentence? Neither do we!
 Suggestive – Every module (News, Agenda, Directory and Photo) has suggested words when you type.
Shortcuts – You now have shortcuts to all the most visited categories, so you don’t waste any time discovering all the best places in the city!

 #TOMI stands out in Lisbon’s events 

This international event discusses intelligence as the key point for environmental sustainability, economic development, progress and modernization. TOMI joins this commitment to help cities become smarter.
This event at ISCTE-IUL connects university students with marketeers from the major national and international brands. TOMI was there as a special guest showing how we can engage to create relevant brand experiences.   

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The latest metrics showed that TOMI leads people to explore what the city has to offer, registering excellent results in the “Search” module.

 #TOMI is a friend of social causes 
In April, TOMI helped to promoted humanitarian causes as well as cultural events, in association with ADDHU, a local organisation that works for human rights, and Centro Cultural de Belém, one of the cities well-known places that promotes cultural events.


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