TOMI Lisbon NOW: Carnival joy invited people to explore



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The Carnival cheered up Lisbon and TOMI was available to thousands of people that took the opportunity to explore the city.

 # “Atractions” leads on “Search” module
During the Carnival people used TOMI to look for sugestions on what to do in the city. “Search” module leads the interactions in the four core modules, and the “Atractions” category registered 31,5% of the interactions on the directory.

 # Carnival photo frames were a hit

On Carnival’s eve and day’s (27th and 28th of February) TOMI set up themed selfie frames. People in Lisbon enjoyed it, and used those specific frames in over 80% of the selfies and GIFs shared in that period.



 #New Feature: TOMI GIF 
At the end of February, we introduced a new feature: the TOMI GIF. You can now choose between the popular selfie, or the creation of an animated GIF. Let your imagination run free and just have fun!

#report #february #highlights #tomilisbon
Interactions in the 4 core modules +191 Thousand

 # TOMI celebrates Internation Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. People celebrate the date in several ways, and this year TOMI joined the celebration by displaying information and sharing moments with photos and GIFs.

“Where to Eat” was the most searched category on TOMI’s directory. Whithin it, “Fish and Sea Food” was the trendiest topic , representing 78,3% of the visualizations of content in the “Search” module.

In over 65% of the photos and GIFs shared during that day, TOMI users picked the customized photo frames about the #IWD2017.


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