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Winter sales are almost over, and TOMI keeps helping those who want to enjoy the lower prices that most stores have during this season.

 # Interactions in the category “Shopping” increase during sales season
During winter sales season, that started on 28th December and finish next week, TOMI Lisbon network registered an increase of the interactions in the category “Shopping”. This increase puts this category in the fourth position of the interactions top in the “Search” module. Within “Shopping”, “Malls” is the most searched topic (30,4%), followed by “Supermarkets” (14,5%), and the last topic on the podium is “Clothing and footwear” (9,4%).
“Banks” topic is the one that registers more views on “Utilities and Services”, in the “Search” module, reaching 20,9% of this category views, on this winter sales season. This percentage represents an increase of 18 percentual points compared to last year’s equal period.
This winter sales season is following the trend of registering a larger number of interactions on weekends, in Lisbon. The interactions peaks during this period occur mostly on Saturdays, and January was the month when these peaks were more accentuated.

 #New Feature: Spot TV Touch 
2017 brought big news in the video zone: from now on, TOMI TV Spot area is an interactive screen. By touching the video area on the screen, TOMI will redirect its users to content related to that same video.

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Interactions in the 4 main modules +360 Thousand

 #Love at the table

Valentine’s Day is typically a day when couples do things together. Most of the times, it includes a romantic lunch or dinner, and on this year’s Valentine’s Day TOMI gave a little help to couples looking for the best place to eat, according to their food preferences. In “Where to Eat” category, the “Traditional Portuguese Food” was the most searched topic (19,9%), followed by “Sea Food” (19,35%). The last topic on the podium was “Italian food” (15,2%).


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