TOMI Algarve NOW: TOMI promotes accessible tourism in the Algarve



TOMI promotes accessible tourism in the Algarve




TOMI is now a recognized accredited Pantou Listed Supplier by ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism, for its work in empowering disability inclusion with the innovative project “TOMI For All”. TOMI is a unique innovation that is a great ally to promote accessible tourism for everyone with disabilities.





Algarve had a busy Agenda and TOMI helped to promote!
March was a busy month for Algarve, and TOMI helped to show everyone the Agenda in the region, having published over one hundred events. Music, theater, culture and exhibitions were the main published events.










March Report 

In the Algarve, this accreditation for accessible tourism is really important, since this is a touristic region.
TOMI always registers Spanish and English queries in high percentages: in march it was 65%.





Father’s Day
 March 19th  
TOMI had a special frame to celebrate Father’s Day: a best dad certificate.
 March 20th  
Until the Summer, TOMI users can enjoy an animated frame with spring flowers.


Innovative Media 
 Smart DOOH 

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience in the Algarve and interact in a creative way. In March, Júlia Pinheiro, a famous TV host choose TOMI to communicate with Algarve.