TOMI Algarve NOW: The best Holidays in Algarve!


O TOMI deseja-lhe uma época natalícia feliz e memorável junto da família e amigos.

The best Holidays in Algarve! 

Spending Christmas and New Year in the Algarve is a great way to enjoy the festive season. The Algarve is an ideal Christmas destination and TOMI can help you to find events and activities to do.

Celebrate the holiday season with TOMI!  🍾 

We wish everyone the best of the holiday season with customized frames and dynamic videos!

TOMI is your best friend during Christmas: it can help you find places to shop for gifts, Christmas events or take the perfect photo/GIF! 

If you’re planning your Reveillon, TOMI shows you where to find the best parties and events on the special night of New Year’s Eve.

TOMI promotes public services
TOMI helps to promote public services in the cities, providing key information about different public entities and allowing to access digital tickets for its services. 

Starting your year with TOMI!

Algarve is one of Portugal’s most sought out hot spots on New Year’s Eve. From fun New Year’s Eve parties to live concerts by the beach, this is your opportunity to enter 2019 with the right foot.