TOMI Algarve Now: Frolics and fun in Algarve’s Carnaval



Frolics and fun in Algarve’s Carnaval




The Algarve has many long-standing traditions associated with Carnaval such as parades, dances, parties, mask contests… And TOMI showed everyone the Carnaval’s agenda, helping the residents and visitors to celebrate this special time with frolics and fun in Algarve!




Animated frames for fun days!  
TOMI had various animated frames with carnaval inspiration to make these the best days!









International Women’s Day  

International Women’s Day was celebrated in all of TOMI’s networks!
TOMI wished every woman a special day with dynamic videos remembering how amazing they are! They also had the opportunity to take a selfie with a customised animated frame.






More than 70% of the interactions in a foreign language!!   #February2019  
In the shortest month of the year, the Algarve continued to attract tourists by registering a greater number of interactions in a foreign language.The tourists interacted with TOMI, allowing them to get to know the region in a deeper level. 


The best means of communication

TOMI is the best means of communications to reach the audience in the Algarve and interact in a creative way.