TOMI Rock in Rio 2018: TOMI: the city of rock’s best friend!


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TOMI: the city of rock’s best friend!

TOMI brought more interactivity, information and fun to the public, registering approximately 67 thousand interactions, more than 94 thousand views and over 5 thousand photos sent.

” In a City of Rock so rich in content and as big as the one created for the 2018 edition, it’s becoming increasingly relevant to improve our services to provide great comfort and convenience to ensure that the public takes advantage of everything we offer. The TOMIs gave a big contribution to this goal. ”
– Roberta Medina

TOMI is a hit in Rock in Rio Lisboa!

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For the third consecutive year, Rock in Rio counted on TOMI to provide information and smart services in the festival. The festival, which took place on June 23rd, 24th, 29th and 30th, in Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, counted on TOMI to help visitors to have fun and enjoy the festival. Seven TOMI were at the City of Rock, at strategic points, providing useful and updated information about the festival to its visitors, including line-up, biographies of the bands, all the amusement areas, food areas, WCs, ATMs, occupation rate of the attractions of the venue, among others.
TOMI made Rock in Rio a Smart City of Rock!

TOMI Rock Stars!

TOMI had special animated frames in the festival, making everyone feel like a true Rock Star when taking a selfie or a GIF with TOMI. 

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TOMI in Rock in Rio

 # News 
With TOMI the user had a way to get updated with the latest news about bands and artists

 # Transports 
Visitors had access to the best routes and different transportation methods on their way home.

 # Events 
Visitors could access every concert happening at the various stages.

 # Photo 
Visitors could also take selfies or animated GIFs with custom-made frames to remember their time at the festival!

 # Search 
Through an interactive map, you could access the points of interest, such as stages, where to eat, etc.

 # Smart Services 
TOMI provided the occupancy rates of the FunToys, helping the public to organise their time and avoid queues.

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