TOMI Rio NOW: TOMI is ready to Carnival!


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Carnival has taken the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and TOMI is ready to party!

 # The best Carnival party in the world is in Rio!
Every year, Carnival brings millions of people to Rio de Janeiro, from all over the world. In 2017, for the first time, all those people can count on the city’s best friend to never miss anything important. The TOMI devices in Rio were updated with news, events, and transports’ information to every single place that everyone has to go to, as well as themed frames to make the experience even more fun.

 #New Feature: Spot TV Touch
2017 brought big news in the video zone: from now on, TOMI TV Spot area is an interactive screen. By touching the video area on the screen, TOMI will redirect its users to content related to that same video.

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Interactions in the 4 core modules +180 Thousand

 # City’s Best Friend welcomes tourists

When Rio receives more tourists, TOMI registers more interactions in languages such as English and Spanish. In the month of Carnival, TOMI is registering an increase in the interactions in both languages: the interactions in Spanish increase 13%, and, in English, the increase is over 42%!

 # Lots of “Events” in the city

Carnival is one of the most important seasons in Rio de Janeiro. The preparation for the party started months ago and TOMI kept up with everything! Since last November that TOMI equipments have been updated with information about parties, Carnival Blocs, dates and spots of the rehearsals and shows of the Samba Schools.

 # + 1 Million views in the “Events” module
February data available at this point showed that informations regarding Carnival in the “Events” module already surpass 1 150 000 views! This number represents more than 48% of the views in TOMI’s “Events” module in Rio de Janeiro.

 # Queries about Carnival quadruplicated
The rehearsals of Samba Schools start months before Carnival, but the more closer we get to the party, the more queries TOMI registers about it. Comparing January’s and February’s numbers, we see that the queries about Carnival quadruplicated! 

 # Carnival related News
In the “News” module in Rio, we have created a specific topic about Carnival. The first news was introduced on 31st January and since then the interest of TOMI users in this topic as been growing each day, so much that it already represents 5% of the total interactions in the “News” module.


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