TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI is celebrating three months in Santiago!


TOMI is celebrating three months in Santiago!

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We are celebrating our three months in Santiago de Chile. TOMI has been a great success and we are almost hitting the 1 million interactions’ mark! Thank you for the amazing welcome, santiaguinos.  

See TOMI Santiago de Chile’s video

TOMI’s expansion in Gaia 

After the great success of TOMI in Vila Nova de Gaia, the city wanted more TOMIs in the streets! We have a new location close to the City Hall.

Public Services to the next level 

TOMI’s new feature is capturing everyone’s attention and our users and taking advantage of the possibility to take tickets for public services on TOMI Portugal. In Lisbon, it was the second most used category in the Search module!   + Read more 


Smart Tourism’s Best Friend

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TOMI is transforming the way people do tourism in the cities, linking its technology to the cities’ touristic resources.

 + See the full report

Update on the Search module

We made the user experience in the Search module more visual, by implementing new icons in different categories. TOMI is always evolving on different levels.

World Photography Day

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On World Photography Day, our networks in Chile, Brazil and Portugal could use this animated frame.

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