TOMI x WYD Lisbon 2023

TOMI, in partnership with WYD Lisbon 2023, was the best friend of thousands of pilgrims!

From the 1st to the 6th of August, the TOMIs in the city of Lisbon provided useful information through their four main modules: in the News module, participants could find the latest local news, related or not to the event; the Events module kept them informed of all the events taking place in each city and during the days in general; the Search module helped them find places to eat, through the network of WYD member restaurants, places to sleep, shop, visit, services and the main meeting and celebration points of WYD, the Hill of Encounter, the City of Joy and Campo da Graça. The Transportation module helped the young people to find different ways to get around each city, always indicating the distance, the cost and the timetables.

To remember this great week, through the City Marketing module, TOMI provided different frames with the WYD Lisbon 2023 brand, which allowed pilgrims to take photos and GIFs and share them on their social networks.

The country’s capital was full of young people, and the TOMIs showed it with their numbers:

During the official week of the event, the Lisbon TOMI network registered more than 98,000 user actions, with the transport module being the most used. During these days, more than 1,300 photos and gifs were taken and shared via email on the Lisbon TOMIs, taking Portugal and WYD Lisbon 2023 around the world. During the week, the day with the highest number of user actions on the Lisbon TOMIs was Thursday, August 3rd.

In addition to the figures for the Lisbon network, the other TOMIs in Portugal also saw a significant increase in the number of user actions in the weeks leading up to the event, a reflection of the Pre-WYD that spread young people throughout the country. 

For TOMI, it was a great honor to be a partner of WYD Lisbon 2023 and to be part of this global celebration of faith, unity and friendship, improving the experience of thousands of young people in our country.