TOMI was present at the World Outdoor Organization (WOO) 2023 Global Congress

TOMI, in partnership with MOP, participated in the World Outdoor Organization (WOO) 2023 Global Congress that took place in Lisbon on June 7, 8 and 9. 

The World Out of Home Organization announced at the event that the global Out-of-Home industry has recovered the ground lost during the pandemic, however, President Tom Goddard mentioned that the industry needs innovation, leaving the phrase “Wake Up” as the main message.

TOMI is an Innovative, Interactive  Digital Out of Home solution. It is the best way to communicate and reach the audience creatively. It has already been distinguished by WOO with the “Technical Innovation Award”, the highest innovation award in the industry, and for this reason, it was a pleasure to be present at this international event of great importance in the area.