#Updates – TOMI Suggests: Promoting events in a dynamic way

TOMI Suggests is the new feature that dynamically promotes the city’s events. With this new function, the events published in the Agenda module become videos that are on both sides of the device. TOMI reinforces again its innovative position in promoting the culture of cities.

All the events available in the TOMI Agenda, whether they are cultural, recreational or sporting activities can be in the video zone, allowing its promotion and a better experience for the users. These videos are interactive, encouraging the user to touch to open the detailed page about the event. TOMI’s technological innovation also allows the optional / additional QR Code so that the external link can be read by the user’s smartphone.

The TOMI Agenda is a specific section with events taking place in the city organized by categories (sport, cinema, theater, music, etc.).

As an important driver of the culture, TOMI Suggest gives suggestions to the users in a completely innovative way. The new innovations continue to reinforce TOMI’s position in the smart cities context.

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