TOMI sets the example at beyond

TOMI WORLD attended beyond’s final conference – Portugal Digital Acceleration. This was an iniciative by Ernst & Young and Jornal de Negócios (portuguese economics and finance newspapper) to discuss the digital transformation on the portuguese economy and society, a topic where, according to OCDE’s data, puts Portugal at the middle on OCDE’s list.

TOMI was part of this conference, as well as the inauguration’s, last june, where it set the example on how to modernize cities and bring them closer to it’s citizens. This is a mission TOMI has been accomplishing for more than four years now, displaying the most needed information at the right place on the right time.

TOMI WORLD took also part on Digital Champions Club – idea generation and forums that were promoted by beyond’s iniciative – on Smart Cities issues.

This was the first edition of beyond, and it was supported by the Presidency of Portugal, as well as it’s government.