TOMI releases White Paper: “Empowering cities through innovation”

TOMI WORLD released a White Paper explaining the importance of innovation to empower modern smart cities. This paper explores key smart cities concepts and how it has become imperative to create new solutions to bring more quality of life to urban areas.

José Agostinho, TOMI WORLD CEO, sees this White Paper as a written compilation on how TOMI plays a great part in smart cities’ challenges.

“TOMI WORLD has a strong and diverse team of people who work passionately every day to develop the best smart city solution. We are committed to create innovative experiences thinking foremost about citizens, and this white paper shows how TOMI is meeting urban challenges.”

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White Paper


Cities are changing, evolving and transforming into digital smarter places. In a context of the accelerated growth of cities, the importance of delivering more comfort and quality of life to the citizens is increasing.

Smart cities need to understand the expectations of the citizens and tourists while embracing the implementation of new technologies to provide a better quality of life.

In this white paper, we explore the challenges that cities face today and the drivers to create a consolidated smart city strategy for municipalities, making it possible to have concrete results.

Last but not least, we explain how TOMI takes part in this dynamic and how it can make smart cities more tangible, accessible and innovative.


The White Paper is divided in seven themes covering the smart cities’ concept, cities’ challenges and opportunities, and highlighting TOMI’s potentialities to meet urban needs.

This article is authored by the TOMI WORLD team, with the collaboration of authors from different areas.

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