TOMI promotes local economy

TOMI WORLD launched the platform “TOMI My Business” as a way to promote the local economy, for free. The new platform allows everyone to add or change their business on the Search module in TOMI.

This initiative has the main goal to support the local economy, allowing the promotion through the TOMI’s networks. The platform can be accessed through the website Any merchant can insert a new business on TOMI, or if it is already in the Search Module request for its revision.

Therefore, it is very easy for any merchant to insert photos, descriptions, QR Codes, contacts, menus, and all the information that is relevant to promote commerce. This initiative will be available in every city with TOMI devices, around 100 cities worldwide.


TOMI WORLD CEO, José Agostinho, considers that these solutions will help the local commerce.  “The promotion of the local economy has always been one of TOMI’s main goals. At this time when commerce is experiencing a loss of income and has seen its activity reduced, TOMI My Business will help the local economy to be promoted, for free.”


TOMI My Business is one of the many functionalities and features that have been developed during the Covid-19 peak period. During the last weeks, numerous functions and features have been implemented on TOMI in order to prevent and alert the population about the new Coronavirus. TOMI shares measures of prevention and recommendations in collaboration with the public health authorities. Another measure that is important to mention, involves the detection of people on the street and smart alerts. TOMI can detect the presence of humans on the street, and issue awareness messages according to the number of people detected. It is suggested to stay at home for those who are detected alone. The safety distance is recommended when groups of people are identified.

The Remote Control innovation allows people to keep interacting with TOMI devices, through the mobile phone. The user only needs to read the QR Code with a smartphone and can explore all the contents (news, events, points of interest, public services, transport, …) or even take a photo.

Nowadays, TOMI keeps registering the number of pedestrians and reporting publicly the data that allows us to understand the differences of flow in distinct places, restrictive measures in force, time of the day, etc.

TOMI provides updates in real-time about the tweets of national health entities in Portugal, Brazil, and Chile, allowing people to keep informed about the last news about Covid-19, through reliable sources of information.