TOMI joins TEDx Lisboa

TOMI has established a partnership with TEDxLisboa 2023 to to spread TEDx’s inspiring ideas beyond the event’s stage, communicating them through TOMI’s advanced technology directly into the Lisbon’s streets.

Under the theme “The Power”, TEDxLisboa 2023 will take place gather, on November 1st, at Culturgest: Auditório Emílio Rui Vilar. The event will gather several speakers that will discuss to about the power of science, technology, word, ideas, will, the power of art, money, symbols, music, nature, freedom.

This partnership is a represents an important landmark in the intersection of technology and ideas, demonstrating the powerful impact they might have when they are working together.

Now you can stay up to date with the latest news, challenges and exciting ideas from TEDxLisbon 2023 until the big event on November 1st, by using the TOMI network.