TOMI integrates an innovative smart mobility system in Santiago do Chile

TOMI continues its international expansion in Chile. As part of an agreement between TOMI WORLD and DTPM (Department of Metropolitan Public Transport), TOMI presents a highly innovative project in the area of smart mobility, elevating Santiago do Chile to a city with a unique experience of countless advantages for residents.

In the metropolitan area of Santiago do Chile, TOMI is the protagonist of the innovation of smart bus stops, where information, technology, and leisure are seamlessly integrated. DTPM services are incorporated into TOMI, providing timetables for public transport, with the novelty/ innovation of the existence of modern buses equipped with anti-covid19 technologies, the waiting time as well as the possibility of charging the public transport pass. TOMI will also provide Wi-Fi for passengers, and appealing media content so that they can have a better quality of waiting time for each bus.

TOMI reinforces the connection between the center of Santiago de Chile and its various municipalities, facilitating mobility in this great metropolis. Exploring all the points of interest in the greater Santiago de Chile metropolitan region will be much easier. TOMI will provide the possibility to find the different places to eat, where to sleep, and the cultural events of the city. TOMI has a range of services, highlighting TOMI My Business to promote the local economy; Citizen Services; Transport Consultation; City Marketing; TOMI For all for accessibility for people with disabilities; Wifi Hotspot; Anti-Covid Technologies, among others.

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