TOMI: effective advertising with environmental sustainability!

TOMI is a fully digital device, incorporating the latest highly innovative technologies. One of the features of TOMI is the interactive digital advertising on its devices, which makes TOMI an important interactive DOOH service. This is a major evolution versus traditional OOH and static DOOH.

This type of media has seen significant growth, especially in very busy urban areas. TOMI is located in strategic areas of the cities, with a large strategic pedestrian flow, near to important commercial activities, on privileged locations that generate high advertising efficiency driving purchase intent. With DOOH, advertisers can have content with the highest quality with lower production costs, once everything is digital and no print is required. 

DOOH interactive communication has the advantage that it can be mass media, or it can be directed to a specific audience in a certain location. The proximity to citizens or users creates great opportunities for engagement through innovative and interactive experiences, generating higher levels of advertising recall, with power ads and dynamic ads. 


Some of these experiences are quite memorable, such as the Nivea campaign, which recommends solar factor protection based on the UV radiation on each specific hour; Samsung Galaxy S8 campaign “Unbox Samsung”; Rexona, detection of gender estimation face for placement of dialogue balloons on the heads of people to pass. 


Because of TOMI technologies, it is possible to have integrated experiences with mobile devices, the internet, social networks, and other technologies on the market. It is also possible to display ads that can be target-specific per hour and per location, creating high efficiency and budget optimization, when communicating with the target audience. TOMI offers flexible media with different formats and executions, which can be easily managed once everything is remotely operated. With TOMI it is easier and faster to go live, as well as creating different dynamics.


With TOMI it is possible to detect people, always in an anonymized way, generating profiles according to different criteria, such as age, gender, accessory usage (e.g glasses), and then display the right ad for that particular profile. TOMI becomes highly efficient when it comes to target affinity. TOMI also provides metrics about the number of pedestrians, touches, exhibitions which is extremely valuable for media planners.

TOMI can combine a number of factors that seemed almost impossible a few years back. A precious balance between powerful media, efficiency, and sustainability by being environmentally friendly, when compared with traditional OOH media.