TOMI celebrates two years in Brazil

Brazil was the first country in Latin America to welcome TOMI. After the opening in May 22th 2016, TOMI has just completed two years of its operation in the country and already has plans to expand. Over these two years, TOMI registered more than 160 million views, 12 million interactions and near one million photos were shared.
16 TOMIs were installed at the Copacabana and Leme waterfront kiosks, in partnership with Orla Rio. Recently, the company expanded in the city: to the regions of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio and Leblon, as well as the centre zone, next to the airport Santos Dumont and São Conrado, totalizing a network of 26 TOMI.
During these two years, TOMIs registered more than 160 million views, 12 million interactions, and about one million shared photos.

Cariocas and tourists take advantage of all the utilities of TOMI and have already integrated into their daily life. since the contents are available in three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish). Events such as Carnival and Rock in Rio emphasize the use of TOMI as urban media. At Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, for example, TOMI recorded over 50,000 shared photos.
During Rock in Rio 2017, TOMI was a real success with its 10 devices and registered more than 178 thousand interactions and 782 thousand views. In addition to the selfies, TOMI provided a range of useful information such as the occupancy rate of bathrooms and toys.
José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD, confirms the success of the product in Brazil:
“TOMI is becoming more and more a friend of Rio de Janeiro, as shown by the interactions and the latest awards. We intend to continue to expand the network and provide intelligent services to other areas of Rio de Janeiro with the installation of new TOMIs. ”
The success of TOMI in the city is also proven by the various awards received. TOMI was recognized with international awards: the Smart Cities UK Awards and the Smart 50 Awards (category Citizenship) awarded by Smart Cities Connect (Kansas, USA), certifying its innovative work in the development of smart cities. TOMI also received the InovaCidade award from the Smart City Business America Institute (SCBA), which develops the main event of smart cities in Latin America. The last two awards recognize the performance of TOMI in Rio de Janeiro.
Following the success achieved, TOMI intends to continue to expand in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in Brazil to take its solution from smart cities worldwide recognition to new locations.