TOMI celebrates five years in Lisbon

The first TOMI arrived in Lisbon in November 2014, to provide useful information and services to citizens and visitors. Since its inauguration, TOMI has been focusing on the development and evolution of the platform to hand over the most innovative services and information to users. By 2019, the network already includes more than 50 devices on the streets and in Lisbon metro. In five years of the network, TOMI has registered approximately 95 million touches and 1.5 million photos sent.

In 2018, TOMI took the Citizen Shop to the street, making it possible to access TOMI directly to public services and to get service passwords for Citizen Shops and other public entities. Users can also request an SMS alert when they are three service tickets away their turn to be attended.

Earlier this year, the platform has evolved to make the city more inclusive through the TOMI For All project, which adapts services to people with disabilities. Wheelchair users with hearing, cognitive and visual difficulties, and blind people can already now make use of TOMI. This new evolution has received several international awards, having been the winning project in the Disability Matters Award (London), the European Product Design Awards in the Design for Society category and appointed as Pantou Listed Supplier of the ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism.

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI World, said: “TOMI responds with innovative technology that is accessible to the needs of the city of Lisbon, residents and visitors. We want to further improve the service we have created that we believe to be single and fundamental on smart cities dynamics. By providing timely information and services, TOMI is is increasingly form part of people’s daily lives.”

The TOMI / MOP network also allows “to learn about innovative brand experiences through interactive and dynamic Digital Out of Home campaigns”. Vasco Perestrelo, CEO of MOP, added: “We have therefore always thought that the role of OOH operators must evolve beyond advertising, taking advantage of technological development and increasingly providing our media with features and attributes that are useful to citizens and users of the places where they are.
That is why we have staked on TOMI network and this challenge has been met.” The company now wants to know how it can improve and evolve in the city, and is developing a survey that can be answered on TOMI.