TOMI celebrates 5 years modernizing Smart City interaction in Santiago de Chile

TOMI celebrates its 5th anniversary since the first TOMI was inaugurated in the Chilean capital!

TOMI arrived in Santiago in 2018 with several devices installed in the city center. This implementation, in the famous Passeo Bandera street, and in the first phase, was part of the great project that elevated Santiago de Chile to a smart city. Since its launch in the bustling capital, TOMI has become an integral part of the urban landscape, modernizing the way residents and visitors interact with their environment.

These years have been marked by constant growth and evolution, and an expansion to other parts of the city, reaching many citizens.

Throughout these 5 years, residents and visitors have been able to count on the best information and the latest news about the city, as well as all the events that take place in it.

In these 5 years, more than 4.2 million user actions have been recorded on the various TOMIs, and more than 391 thousand photos and gifs have been taken and uploaded on TOMIs! In the 5 years, the inhabitants and visitors of Santiago de Chile had access to more than 1.5 thousand news and learned about more than 2.8 thousand events.