TOMI celebrates 1 year in Montevideo, Uruguay

TOMI celebrated one year in September 2021 at Montevideo, Uruguay, in Plaza Kibón. TOMI is integrated into the Smart Cities project, in Montevideo, which has the goal to elevate the city and the lives of people, transforming Montevideo into a smart city connected with its citizens. TOMI helps to improve the quality of life for residents and tourists, providing information and smart services in the right place at the right time.

Montevideo is the capital, and the largest city, in Uruguay. This city stands out for having a unique personality, characterized by its relaxed beach atmosphere, cafes, and a well-preserved historic center in Ciudad Vieja, with one of the oldest markets, the Mercado del Puerto. With TOMI in town, exploring all those places, using the search module of TOMI was much easier. As a result, during this last year, TOMI had more than 830 thousand user actions and more than 13 thousand photos and gifs shared. The module with a higher usage percentage was the Transports Module, with 43% of user actions. 

TOMI has provided useful information through its four principal modules: in the news module, people were able to get the latest news that was happening in the city and country; the events module kept them informed of all the cultural events that were taking place. TOMI was also an excellent helper to find multiple points of interest with the usage of the Search Module. The Transports Module allowed citizens to search for different transport options, always providing the distance, costs involved, and time. TOMI has a City Marketing Module that allows its user to take photos and GIFs, with different customized frames. 

During this first year, TOMI also implemented several features in order to help prevent the pandemic. As an example of these features, there is Remote Control, which allows people to interact with TOMI through their mobile phones. Another important and relevant feature is the counting of pedestrians and the automatic detection of mask usage. All the technologies that were developed in response to the pandemic can be seen here.

TOMI wants to keep engaging cities and their citizens and tourists, providing an excellent platform for everyone to stay informed and have smart services in the right place, at the right time.