TOMI arrived at Valença!

A new TOMI location: Valença do Minho

TOMI travelled north and arrived at the top of the hill, at Valença, in Portugal. This town is located in Viana do Castelo District. It has now a new friend to help the residents and tourists to enjoy this rich historical place.

Valença has a lot of interesting things to visit. And most of them are inside the fortress that looks down to the Minho River and Spain. TOMI is also located inside the fortified walls in the historical centre, right next to the Fireman’s Museum (Museu do Bombeiro) and close to the City Hall.

Valença do Minho, as is known, is the historical military symbol of the independence of Portugal. Here you can stroll to the history and also find many traces dating back to the Roman Empire time.

If you want to explore all of its historical places and monuments, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and experience the many events that are taking place, TOMI is your buddy. And you can find the best attractions to visit, places to eat, where to stay, the cultural agenda, and so much more.

Visit this beautiful city and explore all the great things it has to offer with TOMI’s help.

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