TOMI and Universidad Europea foster innovation to create smarter cities

TOMI WORLD has established an innovative partnership with Universidad Europea, supporting the “Smartly Included!” contest. This partnership is a pioneering initiative in the area of accessibility and disabilities, contributing to more inclusive smart cities, making all content about a city available to any citizen, regardless of their limitations.

The “Smartly Included!” competition, developed by Universidad Europea, aims to promote greater accessibility and inclusion in the society of the 21st century, through innovation, in its broadest term, without forgetting inclusive mobility. The main goal is to study, plan and develop proposals that contribute, in a practical way, to increase accessibility and inclusion, targeting all sectors of the population that, temporarily or permanently, may be excluded for various reasons (economic, physical, cultural, gender, among others). The contest is set to end on March 11, 2022.

TOMI is an innovative Smart Cities solution, which promotes the inclusion and involvement of inhabitants and tourists with cities. TOMI equipment allows interaction with curated content, being informed about what happens in the city, through news and city events, as well as points of interest and the best mobility options to travel to a certain place.

TOMI, through the TOMI For All feature, ensures that everyone has access to the information and services available on its equipment, regardless of their physical and cognitive conditions. Thus, TOMI For All technologies allow people with reduced mobility (such as a person in a wheelchair, people of short stature, or children) to have access to information, once TOMI screens adapt, placing all the content in a lower zone, making interaction easier. For people with reduced vision or blind people, a new experience was developed, creating an innovative navigation mode, that can be used autonomously, and when touching the screen uses voice guidance and ILOGOistening. For people with hearing difficulties, it was applied videos in sign language, explaining how to use TOMI. For people with cognitive difficulties, all content is optimized so it is easy for everyone to understand, regardless of their conditions.

About TOMI:
TOMI is an interactive urban information and communication solution that provides information in the right place, at the right time. TOMI’s goal is to bring cities closer to the people who live, work or simply visit them. It is a user-friendly innovation that promotes activities and points of interest such as tourism, culture, local commerce, public services, among others.

About the Universidad Europea:
The Universidad Europea is a dynamic institution, which aims to add volume to society and actively contribute to its progress. Faithful to its innovative vocation, it promotes applied research that is useful to society and bases its activity on maximizing the potential of the individuals, with an international educational model, linked to the professional world and of high academic quality.
The philosophy led to it being the first private university in Spain in terms of the number of students. Currently, there are more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, or higher professional education students who attend one of its campuses each year. The institution has three university centers in Spain: The European University of Madrid, the European University of Valencia, and the European University of the Canary Islands.