TOMI takes the Smart Cities Tour 2018

TOMI took the Smart Cities Tour 2018. Between January and March, TOMI followed 7 thematic workshops that happened from north to south of Portugal. The topics covered included resilience, the city as a platform, mobility, economic and financial sustainability, tourism, building and innovation. This event is organized by the “Associação Nacional de Municípios Portugueses”, in partnership with NOVA IMS.

Albufeira was the first city to host the Smart Cities national tour, on February 21st. Under the theme “City as a Platform”, the session addressed areas such as integrated management, internet of things, open data, digital transformation, public security, sustainable territorial planning and urban systems management. TOMI works as a way to transform the city into a user-friendly platform accessible to all.

On February 23rd, Ponta Delgada received the Mobility Workshop, showing the best practices to help to improve urban mobility. TOMI is able to improve mobility by providing quick and effective answers by about the routes and public transportation.

At Portalegre, the “Resilience” workshop took place on March 14th, discussing the best ways to incorporate new solutions in a harmonious way. After that, TOMI travelled to Guimarães where it took part in the “Economic and financial sustainability” workshop. TOMI promotes and dynamizes the local commerce in an efficient and intuitive manner.

Then, Smart Cities Tour travelled to Funchal, in Madeira island with the important “Tourism” topic. This is one of the main goals to use TOMI: showing and helping tourists to get around the city and enjoy their vacations.

At Seixal, the “Building” workshop intended to present the main challenges and projects that the municipalities have such as intelligent buildings and sustainable territorial planning. TOMI is always integrated into the city in a consistent and well-balanced way.

The Smart Cities Tour ended at Viseu on March 28th with the “Innovation” theme. TOMI was presented to all the attendees by our team, incorporating all of its innovative features, and highlighting how it improves quality of life. Our presentation focused how TOMI is an innovation that can be a major contribution to sustainable growth and the daily life in the city.