Not sure where to eat? Lisbon’s TOMI network and DIG-IN offer collections of the best restaurants in Lisbon!

TOMI, the interactive urban information, communication and services equipment, together with MOP, the outdoor media company that is a partner of the TOMI Lisboa network, and DIG-IN (formerly Zomato), the most widely used restaurant discovery app in Portugal, are making restaurant collections available in an innovative way that promises to change the experience of choosing the best gastronomic options in the city of Lisbon.

From now on, on TOMI devices in Lisbon, you will have an exciting new restaurant recommendation option in the Collections Module, synchronized with the DIG-IN app. Each month, we will present new collections with different gastronomic experiences, presented in a creative and intuitive way, awakening everyone’s appetite, such as “Restaurants that look like your grandmother’s house”.

The collections will be displayed programmatically throughout the day on the TOMI Lisboa network, via interactive videos with call-to-action, allowing users to explore the collections, obtain detailed information about the restaurants and make reservations, either via TOMI or the DIG-IN app.

This collaboration between TOMI and DIG-IN provides an innovative symbiosis between urban context information, with this proposal to curate restaurant suggestions, and a restaurant discovery app, enriching the gastronomic community and the dynamic relationship with Lisbon’s restaurants.

The Collections feature aims to enhance the user experience on both platforms by offering specific listings for exploring the city’s gastronomy. With TOMI’s intuitive and comprehensive technology and DIG-IN’s gastronomic expertise, discovering new flavors, culinary trends and dining experiences in Lisbon becomes easier than ever.

In the course of this creative collaboration, more new features and functionalities will emerge that are sure to delight fine dining enthusiasts.