Have your frame in TOMI, all over the world!

Do you wanna have the opportunity to have your art shown all around the world in TOMI devices, during a month?

It is very simple! You only need to make your own frame (static or GIF) and send it to us ( But make sure that your frame complies with the measurements, 1080 x 810 px.

Once your art is submitted via email, please make a post on Instagram with your frame with the hashtag #TOMIArtist and identify us ( During the contest time, check if your Instagram account is public so that we can see the post.

In the end, we leave some examples of frames. So please make sure that you check them to make sure that you send us the right file.

The competition is available to everyone, but the winner’s frame only will be exhibited in cities that have TOMI devices.

Artist’s Day Campaign Terms and Conditions – #TOMIArtist

  1. The campaign is promoted by TOMI WORLD.
  2. The campaign aims to choose a winner for the contest of frames for “Artist’s Day”.
  3. The winner will have his frame exhibited on TOMI devices, for a period of a month.
  4. Anyone can participate, under the age of 18 must-have adult consent.
  5. To participate you need to:
    1. verify the measurements of the frame (1080 x 810 px);
    2. once it is finished, submit your frame to our email (;
    3. once your frame is submitted, make a post with your frame using the hashtag #TOMIArtist and identify us
    4. During the contest time, check if your Instagram account is public so that we can see the post.
  1. The campaign runs from August 6th to August 22nd, at 11:59 pm.
  2. The winner will be announced on August 24th.
  3. The announcement of the winners will be made on TOMI Instagram stories – The winner should contact us via private message on the Instagram page or email within 48 hours after the announcement.
  4. The winner will be chosen by a jury made of members of the company, and their decisions are final.
  5. Winner will be chosen based on the criteria of creativity and originality.
  6. Entries that do not meet all the criteria listed above will not be considered.
  7. By participating, users assign the rights to the contest image to the promoter (TOMI WORLD).


Using the examples below, it is possible to view the same frame in two different formats. The first shows how the frame will look, when in the TOMI, and people take the picture. In the second image, it is how the frame should be sent, without background and without the TOMI logo (it is automatically inserted when taking the photo / GIF).

First Imagem: how the frame will look after the photo/GIF is taken         Second Imagem: how the frame is inserted, and how should be send