TOMI wins global accessibility award: ‘Disability Matters’

TOMI was the winner of the ‘Disability Matters Awards’ held in London, at Cisco headquarters. This year’s winners are prestigious multinationals: TOMI WORLD, Disneyland Paris , J.P. Morgan, P&G, SAP, KPMG, AIG, Network Rail, and HSBC.

The award distinguished the ‘TOMI For All’ initiative, an innovation that ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive needs, can look for smart information and services on TOMI. This innovation in the TOMI interactive urban platform was implemented earlier this year and it promotes inclusion and accessibility in the cities. TOMI has implemented new features that bring a new dynamic to the digital transformation of cities by providing all services adapted to people with physical, visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.

The award was presented at the 7th Annual Disability Matters Europe Conference & Awards event, which took place at Feltham, London (UK) November 12-14 hosted by Cisco. This event is organized by Springboard Consulting LLC, considered the global expert on successfully marketing to people with disabilities and their families.

According to Springboard Consulting, the honorees of this award are setting an example: “The honorees represent the Gold Standard when it comes to the commitment required, and actions necessary, to successfully mainstream disability in the European workforce, workplace and marketplace. These corporate honorees serve as the role models all organizations should strive to become.

Disability Matters is one of the most important corporate events in the world and TOMI WORLD was also part of the speakers, where the company representative presented the TOMI For All project. The highly coveted awards and conference is held annually in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These awards are given to Corporations around the globe that are leading the way in mainstreaming disability in three categories: Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace.§

The TOMI For All feature was launched earlier this year and has received numerous international recognitions. TOMI was the winner of “Design for Society” at the European Product Design Awards (Budapest); was nominated at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards (London) in the “Diversity and Inclusion” category; received an honorable mention in the Start & Go Award in the “Innovation” category; it was a finalist at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards (UK) and was also accredited as Pantou Listed Supplier of ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism.