Covid-19: TOMI enables smart alerts advising people to stay home

As the seriousness of Covid-19 persisted and grew, TOMI’s messages to inform communities evolved to include social distancing reminders and “stay at home” advices. In addition to sharing prevention measures and recommendations in collaboration with national health authorities, TOMI also implemented an innovative initiative to detect people on the street and activate alerts depending on the number of individuals.

Using the computer vision module, TOMI created an innovative way to advise people to be safe, promoting social distancing and self-isolation at home. TOMI can detect the presence of humans on the street, and issue awareness messages according to the number of people detected. It is suggested to stay at home for those who are detected alone. The safety distance is recommended when groups of people are identified.

It is also possible to detect an abnormal number of people on the street and send an alert, identifying the location of the occurrence, to police forces or local authorities.

TOMI also provides dynamic updates in real time, and shows the latest tweets from national health entities in Portugal, Brazil and Chile. This way, people can stay aware of the latest information on the Covid-19 outbreak with trustworthy and authoritative information about this pandemic.

TOMI thus works as a means of communicating Coronavirus prevention measures, and provides last-minute alerts, as well as automatic and remotely published updates. It is intended to contribute to the safety of the entire population and, as a way of preventing contagion, interactivity is disabled on the devices temporarily.