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TOMI Algarve Smart Region

Algarve’s Best Friend

TOMI arrived in Algarve in 2016, marking the beginning of a great friendship!
TOMI Algarve’s network counts with several devices in different indoor and outdoor locations, in various cities in the region. The region of sun and beaches count on TOMI to help the residents and tourists to enjoy Algarve to the most.


Algarve is a well-known touristic destination and wherever you look, you will be amazed. A Mediterranean climate, marked by the sea, golden beaches and amazing landscapes.
This historical and remarkable region can count on TOMI to help the visitors and residents to explore and enjoy the Algarve.

Analytics that matter

In one year TOMI has counted over...
million of views
million of interactions
thousand of photos sent

TOMI Algarve's

Best Friend

Think local

Promoting TOMI Algarve

Local News

We deliver local news on a daily basis, promoting more informed citizens in the Algarve region.

Local Events

The Algarve region is well-know for its events. With TOMI you can check the Algarve’s agenda.

Local Commerce

TOMI is in different municipalities in Algarve promoting its local commerce such as restaurants, stores or places to stay.

Public Transportation

TOMI helps you get to your destination, making sure you can explore the Algarve region to the fullest.

Special Photos

Take selfies and GIFs on TOMI with breathtaking landscapes in the background to record the best moments in the region.


TOMI helps the tourists by sharing all the important information about the Algarve region, helping promote the tourism.