(English) TOMI May 2020 News & Data – Covid-19: TOMI informs and alerts

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Covid-19: TOMI
informs and alerts

During the month of May, TOMI made use of its potentialities to inform the community about the pandemic, through alerts published in a scrollbar and updates in real time by sharing tweets of national health authorities. The pedestrian count data allowed to perceive people’s behavior during the pandemic. In Portugal, the reopening plan started.

With TOMI pedestrian data , it’s possible to understand the pedestrian volume and how it compares in each location on any given day and time. It’s also essential to compare the average of people passing by to other different days, and to understand the impact of various factors (such as the location – subway or street, weather conditions, and political measures in place).

The plan to reopen several commercial spaces in Portugal began in May, and TOMI registered a gradual increase in the number of pedestrians, consistent with this reduction in lockdown restrictions.

Fewer pedestrians on Sunday
Different trends for weekdays and weekendsDuring the month of May, there was a consistent decrease in the number of pedestrians on Sunday.
During working days, peak hours were registered between 11-12AM and 7-8PM, approximately the hours of entry and exit from work. On weekends, the peak hour was between 1 and 3PM.

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