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Shaping inclusive smart cities with TOMI

It’s called TOMI For All and it ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive condition, can look for information and smart services on the platform.

Reduced mobility

The new evolutions of the platform include an accessibility mode for citizens with reduced mobility, short stature, and children.

Blind and low vision

To empower the experience of blind people or with reduced vision, it was developed an innovative navigation mode that can be used autonomously by touching the screen and hearing the content.

Hearing impairment

Hearing impairment For the hearing impaired, we developed interactive sign language videos that explain how to use TOMI.

Cognitive impairment

Content such as news and events are optimized to be easier for everyone to understand, regardless of their cognitive abilities..

Designing for accessibility and inclusion

Information accessible to all

Bringing cities and people together

Accessible tourism

“We know TOMI as an important information tool that makes information available and accessible to residents and tourists. But we wondered how could this tool respond to people with certain limitations. And in fact, we were convinced by the project. TOMI is to be congratulated and the Tourism of Portugal too!”

– Teresa Ferreira, Director at Turismo de Portugal

“We can access the information that we couldn’t before. It is always good since these accessibility issues are sometimes set aside. It’s great that we can go to a TOMI and we can access the information provided as anyone else.”

Eduardo Rito

– Consultant / Blind user

“We are able to find information easily on these accessible devices. And from this point of view, TOMI is undoubtedly a great help to promote accessible tourism in Lisbon.”

Pedro Homem de Gouveia

– Pedestrian Accessibility Plan
Lisbon City Hall (CM Lisboa)

Smart is accessible

“As soluções que o TOMI For All preconiza, já desenvolveu e continua a desenvolver, são inovadoras e únicas em Portugal e a nível internacional. Destinando-se os equipamentos a espaços públicos esta oferta inclusiva faz todo o sentido.”

– Ana Garcia, presidente da Accessible Portugal

“It is a matter of really including the whole society in a product that we are making available to anyone.”


Diogo Martins

– Public Transport Accessibility Taskforce
Lisbon City Hall (CM Lisboa)

“The demonstration we saw here from TOMI shows that it is possible to transform information according to the needs of each user. And it is possible to do it, as is the case, in a public device.”

Jorge Mendes

– Digital Accessibility Specialist
AMA – Agency for Administrative Modernization

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