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TOMI is trending in Lisbon!

 # TOMI has been busy 
From social causes to fashion events, TOMI has been busy promoting Lisbon in a dynamic way. In the last weeks, TOMI also celebrated some important commemorative days with special customised frames.


What do people have to say about TOMI?

“[TOMI] allows the event to be communicated in a modern and sophisticated way”


Moda Lisboa – Lisboa Fashion Week

Joana Jorge, Gestora de Projectos


[TOMI] allows the event to be communicated in a modern and sophisticated way, and allows us to reach people and the city. We believe that the diversity of this platform makes possible to adapt contents and audiences, becoming an interesting moment of interaction.




 # TOMI helps you to Make Someone Smile Today! 

TOMI launched the “Make Someone Smile Today” on World Smile Day. Through photo frames with inspirational quotes, the campaign aimed to spread smiles from the people who take the photos and those who receive them. With a small gesture, people took a moment out of their day to make someone else smile. TOMI technology has the potential to get closer to its users and improve the customer experience and engagement.

 #Power Ads 
Did you know…
Several videos in TOMI are interactive. Touch them to know more about the video’s content.

 # TOMI is a friend of social causes
The Portuguese Dyslexia Association launched an awareness campaign on TOMI, “Dyslexics like Us”, which aims to “remove the negative connotation that is associated with being dyslexic”. Everyone can be dyslexic, even geniuses like Einstein or Da Vinci, and TOMI wants to keep citizens informed.

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In September, Lisbon and TOMI welcomed the Autumn and more tourists!

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate 

From tech companies like Asus to important car brands such as Mercedes, or big events such as Rock in Rio, TOMI is the right choice to communicate with the target audience. 

# Commemorative days

// 4th October, Worldwide

// 6th October, Worldwide

// 16th October, Worldwide


* In order to preserve the privacy of TOMI users, the photos taken in our equipment are not saved. The photos in this newsletter were shared by our users on social media.