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Bikinis (or lack thereof) aside

If he was on the field, he was in that play. I didn realize I was supposed to be kind to him. He was loafing across the field. San Francisco 49ers players were among the first to flock to Jersey Mike when the cult favorite opened last year. Why? While many Californians hadn heard of the chain, pro football players were plenty familiar with these submarine sandwiches, having eaten at Jersey Mike in other NFL cities and college towns. They still come in frequently.

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wholesale nfl jerseys The “Man” in Manly Beach isn’t the only reason for its guy getaway allure. Known as the Bondi Beach of the north, this strip of Sydney sand attracts hordes of visitors looking to kick back and ride the waves (and perhaps steal a glance at topless sunbathers, a regular sighting on local beaches). Bikinis (or lack thereof) aside, men who’d rather focus on the water can master killer waves by enrolling in a local surf school and learning from the pros. wholesale nfl jerseys

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