TOMI WORLD is a Portuguese technology company. It owns the TOMI, from its creation, development until the implementation. It has also  other high-tech products among its portfolio. Headquarters are in Viseu and it was founded in February 2011. Currently has offices also in Brazil and UK, and is planning to open offices in main cities across the world as part of it internationalisation process.


TOMI delivers to the cities what they need to become modernized and to stay in contact with its inhabitants. TOMI believes that is an element of integration of all other elements of the city, connecting all interests through the best technology transformed into a simple and easy to use and friendly product for all. Always in constant research and development TOMI is a friend of the city.


To strengthen ties between the people and the cities around the world, by using all the best technology to exceed the expectations of TOMI users and the decision makers of urban areas. Every day TOMI contributes to make citizens feel they are part of the space where they live. TOMI has a strong internationalisation project. It has started in Portugal but the ambition is to have offices around the world across in all 5 continents.


Innovation: We are pioneers in creating a unique product that continues to be the subject of continuous improvement with the best ideas and technologies collected from users.

Passion: We put great passion, enthusiasm and dedication in every TOMI process in order to exceed the expectations of users, and to be the world reference in this area.  We innovate and create having our customers and users on our top of mind.

Team: A multidisciplinary team constantly looking for innovations to make the product more and more appealing. The team at TOMI involves a significant number of specialized professionals coming from different areas such as information systems, software, web and multimedia, hardware and technical support, marketing, communication, creativity and design, new media, video and broadcasting.

Excellence and Quality: Our processes meet the most demanding criteria. We are committed to deliver the highest level of the satisfaction for our customers and users. Company certified in several areas.

– Agility: Our team makes the future happening today. We research, develop and we incorporate all types of technology on an agile and high efficient way. The end users and our customers are the ones to benefit from this flexibility.

– Attitude: The team dynamics is huge and has a spirit that can create disruptive and highly  relevant solutions. We are always expanding our  horizons, being open minded in order to take all the benefits from this digital age, accepting all challenges with a positive attitude.




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